Expanded Perlite(per bag), size: 3-6mm



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Product Attributes :

√ Propagation of seedlings and cuttings

√ Soil conditioning

√ Hydroponics, Roof deck gardens, and eco-roofs

√ Turf enhancement, Newly planted trees, and plants


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Expanded Perlite in Agriculture

Expanded perlite, a lightweight volcanic glass, enhances soil aeration, drainage, and moisture retention in agricultural applications. It improves root growth by providing ample oxygen to plants. Perlite’s porous structure creates a favorable environment for beneficial microorganisms.

Benefits of Using Expanded Perlite

Expanded perlite facilitates nutrient uptake by preventing soil compaction and allowing roots to spread freely. Its neutral pH ensures compatibility with various plant species and fertilizers. Additionally, perlite is sterile, reducing the risk of soil-borne diseases and pests.

Enhanced Soil Aeration and Drainage

The lightweight nature of expanded perlite prevents soil compaction, promoting optimal aeration essential for root development. Its porous structure facilitates water drainage, preventing waterlogging and root rot. Perlite’s ability to maintain soil structure enhances overall soil health and productivity.

Improved Moisture Retention

Expanded perlite acts as a reservoir, holding moisture and nutrients for gradual release to plant roots. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in arid regions or during drought periods. It helps plants withstand dry spells by ensuring consistent moisture availability.

Promotion of Healthy Root Growth

The airy structure of expanded perlite promotes robust root growth by providing sufficient oxygen to root systems. Healthy roots lead to vigorous plant growth and increased yields. Perlite’s root-friendly environment encourages the development of strong, fibrous root systems.

Versatility and Sustainability

Expanded perlite is versatile and can be used in various agricultural applications, including potting mixes, hydroponic systems, and soil amendments. It’s natural origin and inert properties make it an environmentally friendly choice. Perlite is non-toxic and can be safely reused or recycled.

Benefits of expanded Perlites

Expanded perlite offers numerous benefits to agriculture, including improved soil aeration, drainage, and moisture retention. It promotes healthy root growth and enhances nutrient uptake, contributing to higher crop yields. Versatile and sustainable, perlite is a valuable asset in modern farming practices.