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Chia Seeds 15g



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Chia seeds (15g)  are small, flat, oval-shaped, and have a shiny, smooth texture. They range in color from white to brown or black and are incredibly rich in nutrients. These seeds are from Mexico and Guatemala and are high in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, high quality nutrients, and many essential minerals and antioxidants. They have the potential to improve digestive health, blood levels of heart-healthy fatty acids, and risk factors for heart disease and diabetes.

Health Benefits:

There are two nutrients found in chia seeds that are necessary for maintaining the good health of bone. A single spoon of the seeds contains 18% of your daily calcium requirement. It is important for healthy bone, muscle, and nerve function. It may help in the reduction of inflammation in the body. Eating chia seeds (15g) everyday can help in the reducing any kind of inflammation. Based on research it is said that fiber can help to improve of blood sugar levels. This will reduce the risk of syndrome and diabetes. The high nutrient density of chia seeds is one of the main reasons why they are gaining popularity all over the world. You can get calcium, fiber,  protein, and vitamin A by eating two tablespoons of chia seeds.

how to consume it:

We can use chia seeds in order to make both milkshake and  salad . Some people uses chia seeds to make pudding as they say it is good for health and low in calories. Chia drinks are popular in health food stores and juice bars. We can use it as dessert option like toppings on ice cream. Basically, there are people that used to put the chia seeds in their water and drink it everyday. At last, in some countries, chia seeds are often used to make protein bar and sometimes jam.

Chia seeds