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Cashew Nuts 100g



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Cashew Nuts (100g) are incredibly popular. Their slightly sweet flavor, satisfying crunch, and buttery texture complement a wide range of flavors and culinary applications. Cashew Nuts (100g) are associated with other types of tree nuts, as such they also share similarities with vegetables and seeds.  Additionally the cashew nut should be harvested by hand.

Health Benefits:

Cashew Nut , like most nuts, can benefit your overall health. They have been related to weight loss, better blood sugar control, and a healthier heart. According to research, we can consume raw cashews as they have the greatest weight loss benefits. You may also be foregoing the antioxidant benefits of roasting cashews.

Generally diets rich in nuts, including cashews, have been consistently to lower risk of disease, such as stroke and heart disease. People with type 2 diabetes may benefit from eating cashews.

Dishes to make:

Cashews are basically rich in healthy fats and protein and can be used correspondingly with other nuts in a variety of culinary applications, including trail mix, stir-fries, granola, and nut butter. Food we can make using casher nut:

  • Crunchy Cashew-Sesame Bar
  • Cashew Caesar Dressing
  • Golden Cashew-Curry Brittle
  • Banana, Coffee, Cashew, and Cocoa Smoothie

Raw cashews with shells contain a poisonous chemical and the only way to get rid of is by removing the shell then roast it. Cashews have a high oxalate content, and eating foods high in oxalates can lead to kidney stones. Try not to eat more than 18 cashews at a time. Fit them in small, single-serving containers or bags is one way to keep your intake under control.

Eventually Cashews can be found in most major supermarkets. They are available in bags or bulk bins. Obviously it depends on the store, salted, unsalted, flavored, or chocolate-covered varieties may be available.