Potting Mix (Potting Soil)

Potting Mix 
Potting mix, alias potting soil, is a soilless mixture of constituents utilized to cultivate herbs. You can make potting mixture at home or buy it from any garden store around the island. 
Quailty Of Good Potting Mix 
  • It has a good drainage compare to the ground soil.
  • Potting land is more lighter than ground soil. That is why it is able to supply the area needed for air circulation.
  • It‘s simple to treat and uniform.
  • These soilless are sterile, so there is no possibility of introducing pest or disease issues.
Types Of Potting mixes 
There are numerous types of blends to react to serval plant needs. Below, there are some of the main type: 
  1. All-purpose: Develops for generic indoor as well as outdoor usage, including houseplants, dangling bins, pots, ornamentals, herbaceous plants, and goodies. Those may discover under other sticker descriptions such as potting land, potting mix, as well as container mix. Constituents differ according  to brand name. 
  2. Indoor potting mixes: Those comprise all-purpose or mixes specifically tagged for indoor herbs. They all are possibly meant for generic usage for most houseplants. Use the blends that do not consist of compost or bark. Blends containing compost or bark can cause a common indoor pet namely fungus gnats. 
  3. Raised beds: Develops for outside lifted plot workings. These mixes may perhaps be strengthened with nutrientplentiful additives for growing greens as well as other massive feeders.
  4. Garden soil: That soilbased medium may perhaps involve organic or inorganic enrichments as well as fertilizer. It is possibly meant for usage in raised beds or in-ground garden beds.
  5. Cactus and succulent mix: These lowwater herbs prefer a leaner land that dries up rapidly. These mixes consist of  a higher amount of perlite, sand, or other inorganic material to supply optimal drainage and allow air to the roots.
Potting Mix recipe for houseplants
2 gallons sphagnum peat moss or coir fiber
1.5 gallons perlite
2 cups coarse sand
3 TBSP lime (if using peat moss)
2 TBSP granular, organic fertilizer (or 2 TBSP of the DIY container fertilizer blend found above)


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