Planters’ Support-Rising prices of fertilizers & seed

In the face of rising fertilizer and seed prices, the Mauritian government  will support the planters.

They’ll assist the planters in making the switch to locally sourced and sustainable inputs.

  • A total of Rs 75 million has been allocated to registered planters to pay 50% of their fertilizer costs.
  • On the purchase of liquid fertilizers, bio-fertilizers, and composts manufactured by cooperatives, a 75 percent subsidy will be offered.
  • Planters and cooperatives will be eligible for a 50% subsidy on the purchase of composting equipment, up to a maximum of Rs 500,000.
  • A Micro Propagation and Seed Production scheme is being created, which will provide seed producers with a grant of 50% of their expenses up to Rs 500,000.

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