Over 75% of Food Plantations Affected Post-Belal

The recent heavy rains and accumulations of water in Mauritius have had a significant impact on the agricultural sector, particularly affecting the plantations and vegetable crops.

Sanjeev Dindyal, president of the Centerwest Small Planters Association, reported that over 75% of crops have been affected, and the full extent of the damage will only be known after a few days of improved lighting. 

He attributed the widespread damage to the heavy rains and water accumulations experienced in the country. However, he noted that in terms of protected crops, the damage was not as extensive.

Additionally, Jacqueline Sauzier, Secretary General of the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture, highlighted the extensive damage caused by the cyclone, including fallen trees blocking roads, flooding rivers sweeping away

crops and fertile land, erosion, and areas of water accumulation in certain regions. The impact of these water accumulations will depend on their duration, and further assessment of the cyclone’s impact is underway.

As a result of these agricultural challenges, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in vegetable prices, and some products may become rare.

The situation underscores the vulnerability of agricultural activities to extreme weather events and the importance of resilience and adaptation in the face of such challenges.

The impact of extreme weather events on agriculture is a global concern, and it aligns with the urgent calls from climate scientists for immediate action to address climate change and its potential devastating effects on agriculture and the environment

Source: https://defimedia.info/post-belal-culture-vivriere-plus-de-75-des-plantations-affectees

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