Organic agricultural production

Organic agricultural production: A slew of incentives are now available.

The Bio farming Promotion Scheme offers benefits like an income tax holiday for the first eight years of operation of approved Bio farming projects, a VAT exemption on production equipment and other inputs acquired for the project’s implementation, and loan facilities under the MauBank Financing Scheme, among other things, to growers looking to practice organic agriculture.


These initiatives were disclosed by the Minister of Agro-Industry Mahen Seeruttun on December 7 at the R. Burrenchobay Lecture Theatre, University of Mauritius, Réduit. During the event, 53 trainees received their certificates for completing a five-day training of trainees module in organic crop production , as part of the program Support for the development of organic farming and institutional capacity building in Mauritius.

The project’s major goal is to enhance national skills in Mauritius’s organic agriculture. It is jointly organized by the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The FAO is providing technical support for the project’s two-year implementation. 53 participants represented the commercial sector, NGOs, small farmer associations, FAREI, Agricultural Services, UOM, MCIA, SFWF, and individual farmers.

Mahen Seeruttun emphasized the necessity for training and knowledge sharing. Because organic cultivation requires an integrated management system and demands a whole different approach from farmers. He also emphasized the priceless advantages of organic fruits and vegetables. Which are not only safer, healthier, and more nutrient-dense, but also known to have a longer shelf life and superior storage qualities.

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