Minister Gobin announces liberalization of prices of local Toupi onions

There was a launch of the Onion Harvest Season 2021 at Belle Mare. The Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Maneesh Gobin was present at the event.  He announced the price of ‘z’oignon toupi’ has changed. The authorities made this judgment in response to a request by farmers of this type of onion. As the yield is very low and there is a lack of labor. Thus the farmers are struggling to keep on planting onions of this variety. ‘Toupie’ onions are mainly cultivated in the eastern part of the island, namely in Trou D’eau Douce. The main goal is to boost the production of this type of onion. Consumers consume ‘z’oignon toupi’ for its distinct flavor.

To note that this change concerns only this variety and that the price remains unchanged for other varieties of onions. Minister Gobin previously asked the Food and Agricultural Research Institute (FAREI) to conduct a study on the cost of production of onion tops before reaching a conclusion and taking this decision. The pricing of the other varieties (onions) marketed locally remains at Rs 20 per half-kilo. There was a rise in vegetable prices during the sanitary lockdown. Therefore This was a relief to not only the onion farmers but also to the customers. This decision will also prevent the price from rising further


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