Mercuriale – vegetables: possible price increase in the coming days

How drought is affecting the price of fruit and vegetables.

Growers are discussing a potential increase in vegetable prices in the coming days, mainly because of the continued drought. They will consider this decision if prices remain reasonable.

The lack of rain is becoming more noticeable, a potential increase in vegetable price is due to happen according to Kreepalloo Sunghoon, secretary of the Small Planters Association.

“Watermelon farmers deserve the greatest sympathy because these fruits require a lot of water to thrive. I observe that a lack of water is also having an impact on the margoze plantations”.

He emphasizes how the Irrigation Authority has already cut back on the amount of water it provides to planters. Kreepalloo Sunghoon predicts price hikes for a variety of goods in the upcoming days, including beans, voeme, pumpkin, and tomatoes. “The fruit and vegetable plantations will benefit much if it rains severely before November 15, but, if it doesn’t rain heavily until after this date, it will be disastrous, especially for the litchis that are beginning to ripen.

However, he predicts that the first lychees will probably be available around mid-November. Beyond the current drought, the traders claim that the large summer rains, like they do every year, will cause a rise in vegetable prices. They advise customers to take advantage of the reduced pricing on vegetables now because things will change by December.

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