Mauritius: Agro-Industry Minister Launches Fertiliser Subsidy Scheme

The Attorney General, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Mr Maneesh Gobin, launched the Fertiliser Subsidy Scheme (FSS) on 8 February 2022 at Ajoodhea Hall in Long Mountain.

The intention of the FSS, with a view to be carried out with the aid of using the Small Farmers Welfare Fund (SFWF), is to offer guide to the planting network in maintaining their crop companies. And also to make sure non-stop food production, in keeping with Government`s coverage for country wide food security.

The Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, Mr Georges Pierre Lesjongard, Members of Parliament, the manager of the SFWF, Mr Roopesh Bheekarry, and other personalities were present.

 In his address, Minister Gobin highlighted that Government has accredited the creation of the FSS, thru which a subsidy to the tune of 50% at the price of fertilisers may be supplied to horticultural growers (vegetables, culmination and flowers) for one crop cycle. He found that investment to the tune of Rs 60 million has been accredited with the aid of using Cabinet to capitalise this Scheme.

 The Agro-Industry Minister worried at the significance for planters to make certain that each one their non-public information supplied to the SFWF, in addition to their planter’s card, are up to date that allows you to enjoy the distinctive schemes positioned at their disposal with the aid of using Government. He additionally dwelt on centers provided to planters along with a scheme for the purchase of CCTV cameras and for outside gardening, in addition to for agro-processing.

He in addition reassured that Government will maintain to offer guide to planters and farmers of the Republic of Mauritius thru numerous schemes that allows you to assist lessen neighborhood dependence at the import of food products.

For his part, Minister Lesjongard recalled that the country has gone and is still going through difficult times, with the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and recent tropical cyclone Batsirai. But has though been capable of face those conditions way to the collaboration of each citizen.

He recounseled the planters’ network for his or her endeavour to offer food to the population, that is in keeping with Government’s coverage for country wide food security. He endorsed planters of the place to avail from the distinctive schemes provided with the aid of using Government.

As for Mr Bheekarry, he provided information regarding the implementation of the FSS. He also dwelt on several other schemes already set up by Government . The schemes consist of the purchase of processing and packing equipment, cattle breeding, rainwater harvesting and upgrading of livestock farms.


Fertiliser Subsidy Scheme

The subsidy on fertiliser under the FSS will be provided to planters as follows: open field planters with a maximum of 10 arpents of land will receive up to Rs 7,500 per arpent, thus amounting to a maximum of Rs 75,000; while hydroponic growers with a maximum of 1,500 square metres under cultivation will receive up to a maximum of Rs 135,000 (Rs 90 per square metre).

In an event a grower is cultivating both in open field and hydroponic, the maximum amount to be disbursed would be Rs 135,000.


Access Date: 20 April 2022

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