Mauritius Agriculture Sector Records 115,211 Tonnes of Vegetable Production In One Year.


Statistics Mauritius reported that the agricultural sector in the country has achieved 115,211 tonnes of vegetables production in one year. These include various vegetables like “Légumes filants”, potatoes, onions, chili peppers, and others. The report also shows the country’s production of poultry and fish.

The report indicates that the area of land used for growing crops decreased by 2.9% from 8,004 hectares in 2021 to 7,770 hectares in 2022. However, the production of vegetables increased by 6.7% in the same period, from 108,012 tonnes to 115,211 tonnes.

This suggests that the agricultural land is becoming more productive even with less land being used for agriculture.


Statistics Mauritius reported that the agricultural sector in the country

According to Statistics Mauritius, the production of livestock and fish has increased alongside vegetables. Here are the specific changes:

  • Beef production increased by 13.6%, from 1,823 tonnes in 2021 to 2,071 tonnes in 2022.
  • Goat and sheep meat production rose by 34.1%, from 41 tonnes in 2021 to 55 tonnes in 2022.
  • Pork production increased slightly by 1.6%, from 574 tonnes in 2021 to 583 tonnes in 2022.
  • Poultry production increased by 13.4%, from 49,100 tonnes in 2021 to 55,700 tonnes in 2022.
  • Fish production increased by 15.6%, from 28,769 tonnes in 2021 to 33,254 tonnes in 2022.
  • The production of other types of fish, such as tuna, increased by 15.1%.
  • The production of fresh coastal fish increased by 26.5%.


Despite a reduction in the area of land used for agriculture, these increases suggest that the agricultural sector in Mauritius is thriving. The growth in production of vegetables, livestock, and fish indicates a positive trend towards food security and self-sufficiency in the country.

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