Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Amendment Bill Without Alterations

On November 21st 2023, the National Assembly unanimously passed the Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Amendment Bill, introduced by Minister of Agro-industry Vikram Hurdoyal, who brings his personal understanding of planter challenges to the role. This bill aims to revitalize the local agricultural economy by implementing a new wholesale auction system for agricultural products.


The Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs, and Cooperatives, Sunil Bholah, emphasized the significant modifications made to the existing legislation during the debates, expanding its scope to include specific regulation of wholesale sales through auctions. Additionally, he highlighted the integration of new infrastructures to facilitate the handling of products.



The discussions surrounding the Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Amendment Bill revealed strong government support for its vision. This vision includes a National Wholesale Market for fairer distribution of local produce through auctions, while also establishing stricter regulations and licensing for participants. Minister Hurdoyal refuted concerns about forced sales and fines, emphasizing the bill’s aim to modernize the system while offering farmers various options and promoting innovation for a bright future in agriculture. Additionally, the government plans to support young entrepreneurs in this “noble and profitable” sector.


A transformation is underway in the Mauritian agricultural sector, promising greater transparency, fairness, and sustainability. Wholesale auctions will play a key role, supporting resilience and creating a more equitable economy for local producers. However, it’s important to note that violations of the new regulations carry significant penalties – including fines and potential imprisonment – highlighting the emphasis on compliance in this modernized agricultural market.



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