Mauritius: A two-day technical workshop focuses on the development of a Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone

The development of a Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zone (SAPZ) in Mauritius is the focus of a two-day technical workshop which opened, on 16 February 2022, in the presence of the Attorney General, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, Mr Maneesh Gobin. The workshop is being held on 16 and 17 February 2022 at the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority in Réduit.

In this context, a team of four officers of the African Development Bank (AfDB) is on a five-day visit to Mauritius since 14 February 2022.

In his cope with at the occasion, Minister Gobin emphasized that the targets of the putting in of the SAPZ are to reinforce food protection. And also to  lessen wastage of perishable agricultural produce. These targets, he said, may be finished via food processing which in flip may have the direct advantages of bringing forth diversification, decorate the profits of farmers, lessen our imports of processed food, and assist the country on currency. According to him, the SAPZ, being a devoted quarter for each logistical motives and benefitting from monetary measures, is poised to be a success.

 The Agro-Industry Minister additionally talked about Government`s coverage to put into effect strategic reforms in three main fields of the rural area. The three main fields of the rural area are the sugar sector, the non-sugar sector, (NSS) and the tea sector. We have enlisted the participation of the World Bank for the sugar sector reform, the participation and technical help of the AfDB for the NSS, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation for the tea sector, he indicated. He similarly knowledgeable that all three documents had been submitted and a consultative procedure toward implementation has been initiated.

 Mr Maneesh Gobin additionally deplored the country’s reliance on importation of processed food. He also talked about that 70,616 tonnes of vegetables, pulses, fruits, and nuts had been imported in 2019, for a complete sum of Rs 2.5 billion. These, he stressed, may be manufactured locally, as a way to assist lessen our import bill, shop on currency, and growth intra-Africa local trade.

 Finally, the Minister underlined that there are manifestly linkages among all sectors, and referred to as upon them to process in a concerted manner. He opined that a number of power is needed for  implementation as time is of essence.

The Special Agro-Industrial Processing

The AfDB has done an evaluation of the NSS in which one of the principal guidelines changed into the putting in of a SAPZ in Mauritius with a purpose to growth manufacturing and competitiveness of the NSS. The task might value about Rs 450 M.

The establishment  of a SAPZ will higher assist combine Mauritius in the local markets and leverage possibilities furnished through inter-African trade. The SAPZ will also offer possibility for Mauritius to sell sustainable improvement in step with sustainable improvement dreams in addition to weather clever agriculture as the principle aid base, and cognizance Research and Development on the concern cost chains and activities. Hence permitting Mauritius to end up a know-how hub for generation and agro-commercial.


Access Date: 20 April 2022

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