Katapult Mauritius Innovates: Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Accelerating Regenerative Agriculture

Climate Change Solutions

Given the significant ecological issues of the twenty-first century, many nations will need to get their hands dirty in order to put up workable solutions to stop climate change. The contribution from Maurice is Katapult Mauritius.

Empowering Agritech

It’s finished. With Katapult Mauritius, innovation in agritech and regenerative agriculture is concentrated on local and global start-ups. an initiative housed at Ferney Agri-Hub and made possible by the collaboration of neighborhood organizations Ciel, IBL, Currimjee, and MCB.

Katapult Mauritius

Katapult Mauritius is an agritech and regenerative agriculture accelerator program for international and regional start-ups, primarily targeting African markets. Fabrice Boullé, venture head, believes this is part of a larger plan to strengthen Mauritius as a center for innovation and economic change, following COP26 in Glasgow.

Driving Financial

Since 2019, Katapult has collaborated with Mauritius’ government, business community, academia, and entrepreneurship scene to establish Mauritius as a leader in the financial industry and food sovereignty. Additionally, Fabrice Boullé recognizes its potential for transformation.


Katapult Mauritius is launching a three-month program to support ten start-ups, accelerating and investing in them. Furthermore, the initiative aims to leverage Mauritius as a gateway to African markets. Additionally, the start-ups will receive mentorship and access to co-working facilities.

Sustainable Development

Mauritius has the potential to emerge as a global leader in sustainable development, as highlighted by Thomas Berman, chief of Katapult Mauritius. Moreover, this transformation will strengthen the country’s role as a testing site for startups developing regenerative solutions.

The Potential of Foodtech

Africa’s food ecosystem, contributing 15% of GDP, faces challenges like unorganized marketplaces and ineffective value chains. However, Fabrice Boullé highlights the potential of Foodtech in Africa due to population willingness, global talent supply, and early-stage technology advancements.

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