Hydroponic agriculture will be the beneficiary

Hydroponic agriculture will be the beneficiary

A researcher and an entrepreneur from Mauritius are working on connected object technology in the context of “hydroponic agriculture will be the beneficiary” with support by the Mauritius Research Council.

Connected object technology could one day produce your lettuce and tomato salad. These connected systems will soon equip hydroponic agriculture for growing fruit and vegetables. This Mauritian researcher and entrepreneur believes in the potential of this progress for the future. They are currently developing their connected objects for hydroponics.

“We are going to install several sensors, which will measure the temperature, humidity, water level, and even the acidity level. An online platform will directly transmit all this data in real time. The system will connect devices, such as sprinkler systems and fans. Suppose the temperature rises in the greenhouse, the system will automatically turn on the fans, or even the air conditioning. In addition to this, the farmer can be alerted via the Internet on his mobile phone by email or by notifications. The system also compiles the data for analysis,” explains Anshu Murdan, lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Mauritius (UoM).

Lower costs

According to Anshu Murdan, Mauritius has not yet implemented connected object technology for hydroponics. However, he indicates that thanks to lower costs, deployment should intensify in the country. To do this, you need service providers like the startup Varcel, led by Yannick Parfait. This Mauritian company offers, among other things, a system of connected objects intended for hydroponics. Its services are currently being tested by users.

Anshu Murdan does not expect wearable technology and empowerment to affect jobs in the Mauritian agricultural sector. “There is a misconception that technology will eliminate jobs. It only facilitates the work of the farmer, who can access the data from anywhere and at any time,” says the lecturer. Anshu Murdan and Yannick Parfait participated in a presentation at the headquarters of the Mauritius Research Council (MRC), in Ébène. A way for the MRC to support their work.

A robot that does housework

Varcel, the startup, is not just for hydroponics. The company also works on connected object systems for the water distribution or home automation sector. Yannick Parfait indicates that Varcel is developing a robot that will clean the house of its owners in their absence.


Source: Hydroponic agriculture will be the beneficiary – https://defimedia.info/nouvelle-technologie-lagriculture-hydroponique-en-sera-la-beneficiaire

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