How to grow mint



Mint is a herb with fragrance, it can be used in the kitchen. According to some research, mint plants have some medicinal benefits. Mint plant is an easy to grow plant. It can be cultivated in containers, raised beds or in the ground. In addition, there are different varieties of mint

Benefits of mint:
  • Add flavor and aroma to your dishes 
  • Used in teas, smoothies and cocktails. Mint adds a cooling and refreshing effect to the drink.
  • Mint can help to get relief from digestive issues. 
  • Antioxidants – mint is a rich source of antioxidants. It help to protect against cell damage.
Tips to plant mint successfully at home:
  1. Choose a suitable location -.Although it may be grown anywhere, it is best to plant it where it will receive sunlight.
  2. Soil – Note that the soil must be well-drained soil. Add compost to provide nutrients to the plant to promote growth.
  3. Planting the mint : Mint can be grown by cuttings or seeds. 
  4. Watering – the soil must be moist but avoid overwatering. 
  5. Pruning – it is important to prune the plant regularly this will encourage growth.

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