Here are 5 Effective Tips for Thriving Farming

Here are 5 Effective Tips for Thriving Farming

1. Don't burn bush when clearing

Burning backcountry in ranches negatively impacts soil and climate change by exposing land to wind, water corrosion, and ultraviolet radiation. Instead, gather backcountry for mulch or ordure to cover the soil and provide nutrients. Learn about climate change adaptation ways for growers by reading this composition. 

2. Grow crops on ridges, not flat ground

Ridging involves gathering soil from the sides and channeling it towards the center, creating a raised pile. Crests improve soil health, reduce corrosion, and make weeding easier, ensuring optimal crop yield during crop growth. 

3. Grow cover crops to boost soil nutrients

Planting cover crops before your main crops, as a form of crop gyration, can significantly improve soil health. Cover crops help with soil corrosion, humidity regulation, pollination, weed and pest management, mulching, and providing green ordure and organic matter. Examples include snap, cowpeas, wheat, and barley, which can be beneficial for your ranch. 

4. Utilize agricultural technology for large-scale farming

Cultivating large land in Nigeria can yield significant profits, but traditional ranch tools may lead to loss and unfit use. Using a tractor for tilling, conditioning, plowing, tending, harrowing, and planting can be quicker. Pesticides can be used for efficient weeding, and a soil and factory health monitoring system can be used to monitor soil and factory health using a smartphone. Using a tractor and pesticide can also help maintain a healthy ranch. 

5. Stay current with farming trends

Stay updated on the latest husbandry news, technologies, and trends to improve your farming practices. Joining growers’ associations or participating in special subsidies, seeds, fertilizers, and other inputs can be beneficial, especially when governments, NGOs, and commercial bodies provide these resources. This also allows you to learn from other growers and address challenges. 

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