growing plants in banana stems


Nowadays, we are facing many challenges across the globe regarding agriculture. It has become crucial to come up with new innovative methods to grow crops. A recent trend among some growers is to cultivate plants using banana stems. In addition, people can use the banana stem as a container for growing plants. It is a good incentive, a sustainable way of using banana plants. Which are otherwise considered as agricultural waste after harvesting. Moreover it can also be use for vegetable seedlings. Once they grow, they can be transferred. 

Benefits of growing plants in banana trunks : 

  • Sustainable and eco-friendly – banana stems are natural and it is biodegradable.
  • Save space – Banana trunks do not take large space. For people who have a small space , planting in banana stems can be very helpful.
  • Promote sustainable agriculture by reducing waste and use of natural resources.
Growing plants in banana stems
Tips for growing plants in banana trunks
Growing plants in banana stems

Choose the right banana stem. If the trunk is too small, the plants will not have enough space to grow. Cut holes in the banana stem. Clean it to create a hollow space to fill in soil.

Growing plants in banana stems

Fill the banana stem with soil and add the plant of your choice. Moreover, things that you must consider include : size, growth rate and the amount of sunlight that the plant requires.

Growing plants in banana stems

It is also important to water it regularly. Banana stems may dry out quickly.


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