Food system: dialogue to promote equitable urban agriculture

promote equitable urban agriculture

study overview

The UN PAGE Mauritius, in collaboration with IIED and UoM’s Faculty of Agriculture, conducted a study on promoting sustainable urban food systems and to promote equitable urban agriculture  in Mauritius by strengthening urban and peri-urban agriculture through circular economy approaches, specifically targeting Vacoas-Phoenix, Port-Louis, and Rodrigues.

Food Systems

The study recommends implementing permanent governance mechanisms in each city to strengthen coordination and promote sustainable urban food systems. Moreover, it identifies concrete solutions for short and long-term transformation, considering policy and governance contexts. Additionally, it examines how these recommendations can contribute to the Mauritius Food Systems Pathway.

Urban Food Systems

The UoM organized a dialogue on Urban Food Systems on September 7 and 9, bringing together different ministries, municipalities, and stakeholders in the field of urban food systems. This platform prioritizes the establishment of permanent governance mechanisms at several levels, aiming to strengthen coordination between different ministries and stakeholders and promote sustainable and equitable urban food systems. 


As the dialogue unfolds, the study’s insights play a crucial role in guiding discussions and shaping the trajectory of future interventions. Consequently, by emphasizing the establishment of permanent governance mechanisms and identifying concrete solutions for short and long-term transformation, the study sets the stage for a more holistic and integrated approach to urban food system development.

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