Sustainable Farming: A New Era

Inauguration of a National Initiative

The Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI) launched a National Campaign on Sustainable Crop Production at the Farmer Training School in Wooton, on 22 June 2023. This initiative is a testament to FAREI’s commitment to sustainable farming practices. The release of a video clip and a booklet marked the launch event. These resources focus on the Sustainable Management of Diamondback Moth in Cabbage Cultivation, providing valuable insights to farmers.

Sustainable agriculture: a new era
Sustainable Agriculture: A New Era

Presence of Esteemed Guests

The launch event was graced by several distinguished guests. In the event, Hon. Maneesh Gobin was present. His presence underscored the importance of this initiative. Also present were Mrs Moheenee Nathoo and Mrs M. Seenevassen Pillay, the Acting Chief Executive Officer of FAREI. Their participation highlighted the collaborative efforts of various organizations in promoting sustainable farming.

Project Under the EU-DeSIRA Umbrella

The launch event was not just a standalone activity. It was part of a larger project funded by EU-DeSIRA. This project aims at building capacity to address climate change. It seeks to ensure climate resilient production systems through integrated pest management. The project recognizes the challenges posed by climate change. It aims to equip farmers with the knowledge and tools to navigate these challenges. The focus on integrated pest management underscores the importance of sustainable practices in ensuring long-term productivity.

Distribution of Augmentoria and Seeds

The event also included a distribution ceremony. Augmentoria and seeds of host plants were distributed to 10 planters. This act symbolized the beginning of a new journey for these farmers. Equipped with the augmentoria and seeds, they are now ready to implement sustainable farming practices. This distribution was not just about providing resources. It was about empowering farmers, about giving them the tools to create a sustainable future.

This initiative by FAREI is a significant step towards sustainable farming. It recognizes the challenges of the present and prepares for the future. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential of sustainable practices. As the farmers embark on this journey, they carry with them the hopes of a sustainable future. They are the torchbearers of change, the pioneers of a new era in farming. And as they sow the seeds of change, they pave the way for a future that is not just productive, but also sustainable.

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