Food crop: the rains ruined more than half of the vegetable plantations.

crops ruined

Food crop: the rains ruined more than half of the vegetable plantations.

According to an initial estimate by the Small Planters’ Association, the severe rains have ruined slightly over 50% of vegetable plantations.

The losses are higher in Roches-Noires and Rivière-du-Rempart. “In addition to the terrible damage to seedlings and exquisite vegetables, rains swept away fertilizers and arable land,” says the association’s secretary, Kreepalloo Sunghoon.

He anticipates that a preliminary general evaluation of planter losses will be available in the near future.

Kreepalloo Sunghoon adds that water is beginning to build in numerous places in the north, but it will take several days to determine whether the veggies can be rescued. He specifically mentions vegetables. He begs the government not to import veggies straight away in order to avoid penalizing local growers.


Kreepalloo Sunghoon also asks the government to provide small planters with tractors, fertilizer, and other resources. This is done so that they can resume their operations as soon as possible. He wants people to have coupons to purchase the seeds of their choosing. “This strategy will also prevent market overproduction of the same food,” he argues. He expects vegetable prices to climb in the following days.

According to the Chamber of Agriculture, water accumulations destroy 50% of crops in Plaine-Sophie. Cabbage, beans, and herbs are among them. Plant stems can decay or become infected with fungal infections as a result of water buildup. This is a preliminary evaluation.

Large amounts of water accumulated in certain fields of eggplant and cauliflower cultivation. Eggplant plants are dormant. There will be no harvest since the cauliflower crops interlining the eggplant have been ruined. The same goes for the decaying lalo seeds.

“As water accumulates, plant stems can decay or become infected with fungal infections. Employees who perform follow-up feel that soil preparation awareness programs must be resumed immediately. They will also include water drainage systems and growing on ‘raised beds,'” Jacqueline Sauzier, secretary general of the Chamber of Agriculture, said.

Date: 28th january 2023

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