Renewal of the Fertilizer Scheme for Crop 2024

Eligible planters can register for the renewed Fertilizer Scheme for Crop 2024 starting from Tuesday, August 29th. The government has extended this scheme for planters who cultivate sugarcane on an area of less than 100 hectares. They will receive 250 kg of type 17-8-25 fertilizer per arpent as an advance for the maintenance of their ratoon crop, including formulations based on ammonium nitrate. Planters will need to sign an agreement authorizing the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate to deduct 50% of the cost of fertilizers from their sugar production in 2024.

Eligible planters are requested to register for this program at the Farmers Service Centre in their region, starting from Tuesday, August 29th, by providing original and copies of the following documents: their national identity card, SIFB Registration Card 2023, and the receipt for the weight of crushed sugarcane in 2023. The fertilizers will subsequently be provided primarily through official importers’ points of sale and fertilizer distributors in the same manner as last year. It is worth noting that the requests of planters who registered before August 29th will also be taken into account.

Furthermore, we encourage eligible planters to apply for reimbursement of fertilizer costs at the Farmers Service Centre in their locality by providing proof of purchase, in addition to the documents already mentioned. Planters who have not yet paid 50% of the cost of fertilizers from previous years will need to do so in order to benefit from the program. Reimbursement of up to Rs 9,960 per arpent is available for eligible planters.

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