Exploring the Sweet Success of Mauritian Special Sugars in Niche Markets

In the world of sugar production and distribution, the Syndicat des Sucres, under the leadership of CEO Devesh Dukhira, has been making waves. After years of selling Mauritian white sugar within the European Union (EU), the Syndicat des Sucres has set its sights on niche markets, particularly Mauritian special sugars, and the results are impressive.

Mauritian special sugars
A Sweet Surge in Sales

In a recent announcement, Devesh Dukhira revealed that sales of Mauritian special sugars in niche market segments have soared, surpassing 136,000 tonnes, marking an astonishing 18% increase compared to the previous year. This remarkable growth can largely be attributed to the expanding European market, where demand for these special sugars has been on the rise.

Market Agility and Flexibility

Dukhira emphasized the importance of adaptability in response to changing market dynamics. He noted that these shifts in sales composition demonstrate the agility required to extract the best value from every tonne of sugar. This adaptability is crucial in maintaining the industry’s competitiveness and resilience.

EU Market Domination

Following the repositioning of Mauritian special sugars in 2021, coupled with supply disruptions from competing sources, the market share of these sugars within the EU has seen a significant surge. Sales for the 2022 harvest exceeded 100,000 tonnes, representing an impressive nearly 40% increase compared to the previous year.

Success Beyond Borders

The success story isn’t limited to the EU alone. Sales to the United States, facilitated by the U.S. raw sugar TRQ, also witnessed growth. Reallocation of the TRQ during the year, along with an extended shipping deadline until December 2022, resulted in deliveries reaching approximately 16,000 tonnes, compared to 10,200 tonnes in the previous year.

Niche Market Focus

One of the Syndicat des Sucres’ strategic moves was identifying and capitalizing on niche markets. Dukhira highlighted their renewed focus on value-added white sugar, solidified by the renewal of a trade agreement with French company Cristalco for an additional three years and a new three-year contract with Italia Zuccheri Commerciale, targeting the underserved Italian market.

Quality Matters

In addition to adhering to EU quality standards, Mauritian sugar supplies now encompass a range of specialized qualities, including bottler quality, low-color white, extra-fine white, and Fairtrade or Bonsucro certified, among others.

The Syndicat des Sucres, under the leadership of Devesh Dukhira, has not only embraced the changing dynamics of the sugar market but has thrived in this evolving landscape. Their success in niche markets, commitment to quality, and adaptability have paved the way for a sweet future in the world of sugar production.

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