Enhancing Small Farmers’ Resilience to Climate Change Impacts in Mauritius

Mauritius: Increasing the resilience of small farmers to the effects of climate change

Climate Adaptation

The European Union has provided three unused gifts to the College of Mauritius, the Water System Specialist, and the Mauritius Chamber of Farming for climate adaptation activities. Moreover, these grants, totaling over 50 million Rupees, aim to transform farming practices, develop climate-resilient agricultural frameworks, and improve water access for small farmers in Mauritius and Rodrigues

Climate Action

The European Union’s Minister to Mauritius, Marjaana Sall, has expressed commitment to implementing the Paris Agreement and supporting its counterparts in achieving it. Additionally, she highlighted the EU’s commitment to expanding the flexibility of small farmers to climate impacts.

Agricultural Impacts

Mauritius, an island state, is vulnerable to climate change due to its limited power against it. Furthermore, this affects the rural sector, as cultivation activities are exposed to climatic conditions. To ensure food security, the government needs to adopt climate-savvy rural skills and increase the resilience of farmers to climate change impacts.


The College of Mauritius, Water system Specialist, and Mauritius Chamber of Farming received over 50 million Rupees for climate-smart farming initiatives. This includes transforming a horse into a climate-smart town.

Aid for Rodrigues

The EU has awarded four grants, including a 40 million rupee grant, to the Commission of Social Security of the Rodrigues Territorial Gathering to improve small farmers’ climate resilience.

Climate-Friendly farming

The modern EU back, funded by the Global Climate Alter Union Lead Activity, aims to enhance climate-friendly horticulture activities, improve water accessibility for smallholders, select modern advances, and reduce nursery gas outflows, leading to increased income for smallholders, in line with Mauritius’ 2015 Globally Decided Commitment.

EU-Mauritius Collaboration

The EU and Mauritius are partnering to combat climate change through arrangement exchange, capacity-building ventures, and climate finance.

Climate Change Partnership

The EU and Mauritius are planning a specialized climate change discourse on September 24, during EU Climate Decision Week. Moreover, this aims to discuss how to collaborate and strengthen the implementation of the Paris Agreement, clarifying the way for ecclesiastical discourse on climate change.

Sustainable Development

The EU is collaborating with the government to enhance Sustainable Use and Generation skills in the tourism industry. Additionally, this is being done through the Switch Africa Green program.

Green Investment

Mauritius participates in EU initiatives like PNEE and the Energies program. Furthermore, these programs promote green investment and private sector activities, fostering global affiliates.

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