Embracing Health and Sustainability through Organic Agriculture

Frenchwoman Aurore Rouzzi, passionate about organic agriculture, established Sensibio in January 2017 to share her knowledge with Mauritius. Embracing Health and Sustainability through Organic Agriculture, her first training course in May 2017 taught new vegetable gardening methods. The course aimed to teach participants how to cultivate and grow their vegetable gardens differently.

Concurrently, Aurore Rouzzi organized a screening of Adrien Bellay’s film “Awakening to permaculture” on May 19, 2017. The screening took place at the French Institute of Mauritius’ (IFM) location in Rose-Hill.

Embracing Health and Sustainability through Organic Agriculture

Trained in organic market gardening in France, Aurore Rouzzi decided to settle in Mauritius. She had already worked in several gardens and offered three courses to children aged 7 to 11 years old. Many individuals in Mauritius sought her advice, indicating a genuine interest in organic farming.

Aurore emphasized the importance of minimizing the use of phytosanitary products. This is due to concerns about their potential impact on groundwater and consumer health. She believed that organic farming offered an alternative approach that was better for health. It also promoted well-being and facilitated social networking.

While some planters in Mauritius used ancestral planting methods, many were unaware of modern techniques and lacked access to information. Aurore Rouzzi acknowledged the high concentration of pests and diseases in Mauritius. This often led planters to resort to chemical treatments.

However, she emphasized that a good organic planting technique could help limit pollution. Despite the presence of chemical residues in the soil, Aurore Rouzzi argued that organic farming focused on the techniques employed by planters. It offered a way to farm differently and reduce pollution.

In conclusion, Aurore Rouzzi’s mission was to promote organic agriculture in Mauritius through training and support. She aimed to educate individuals about alternative farming methods and minimize chemical use. Additionally, she sought to create a community of like-minded individuals passionate about organic farming.


Source: Embracing Health and Sustainability through Organic Agriculture – https://lexpress.mu/node/306740

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