Eight Easy Steps To Plant Peanuts at Home

Plant Peanuts

1.Choosing the Perfect Spot

Choose a spot for your peanut that has loose, fertile, well-drained soil and receives at least 8 hours of direct sunlight. In a pot, perhaps? Ensure that each plant is at least 18–20 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep.

2.Planting Your Peanut Seeds

Split a raw peanut apart to reveal the seeds. Sow the seeds deep into the ground, at least 2 inches. Make sure not to overwater your plant when you give it weekly waterings.

3. Peanut Pegs

After the plants take thirty to forty days to create a golden blossom, mound soil around the base of the plant so that the peanut “pegs” can penetrate the soil.

4.Maintaining Moisture for Peanut Pegs

About two weeks (130–160 days) before peanuts are harvested,

5.Preparing for Harvest

About two weeks before peanuts are harvested (130–160 days), stop watering.

6.Harvesting Your Peanuts

Check the soil carefully and hand-pull the plant when the leaves starts to turn yellow. After shaking off any extra dirt, let the plant dry completely with the peanuts on it for around a week.

7.Curing Your Peanuts

Remove the peanut pods from the plant and allow them to cure for two to three weeks in a cool, dry location, spread out in a single layer.


Have fun!

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