Drought: 35% increase in vegetable prices, according to Kreepalo Sunghoon

Since the beginning of November, vegetable prices have seen an increase of 35%. According to Kreepalo Sunghoon, the current period of drought in the country is to blame for this problem.

The president of the Small Planters Association states that monthly production of vegetables has gone from 12,000 to 7,500 in the past two months.

“This drop in production automatically impacts vegetable prices,” he says.

For example, “lalo” currently has a price of Rs 200 per pound, “margose” is at Rs 50 per pound and “pomme d’amour” is at Rs 40.

vegetable prices

It should be noted that, no decision has been taken by the Ministry of Public Services when it comes to the distribution of water during the festive periods.

Moreover, the rate at which water tanks are filling is not ideal. Mare-aux-Vacoas is currently at 49.2%, while La Nicolière is at 55.5% and La Ferme 27.3%.

Many are hoping that this situation will get better. Otherwise, the upcoming months are going to be rough.

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