Crop Production Trends in 2021

As we delve into the world of agriculture, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the diversity of food crops grown is truly remarkable. In 2021, farmers around the world cultivated an array of crops, from the familiar to the exotic, both in open fields and under protective cover. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the crop production data for 2021, highlighting key insights and trends across various categories of food crops.


Open Fields vs. Under Cover Farming:

Before we dive into specific crops, it’s worth noting the distinction between open field farming and under cover farming. Open field farming refers to crops grown in traditional outdoor environments, whereas under cover farming involves the use of greenhouses, tunnels, or other protective structures to create controlled conditions for crop growth. This distinction has a significant impact on crop yield and production.

Here are some notable statistics from the 2021 crop production data:

Beans:Beans were a popular crop in 2021, with 266.7 acres harvested in open fields and a yield of 6.1 units. Under cover farming for beans was minimal, with only 0.1 acres and a yield of 13.3 units. 

Cabbage:Cabbage thrived in open fields with 269.7 acres harvested and an impressive yield of 13 units. Under cover cabbage farming, while limited in acreage, still managed a yield of 50.6 units per acre.

Onion:Onions had a remarkable year in open fields, with 244 acres harvested and an astounding yield of 22.9 units. Onion hybrids in open fields also performed well, with 223.3 acres harvested and a yield of 23.9 units.

Tomato: Tomatoes were a major player in crop production, both in open fields and under cover. In open fields, 630.8 acres of tomatoes yielded 15.2 units per acre. Under cover, the hybrid tomato crop stood out with 24.5 acres and a remarkable yield of 172.9 units per acre.

Banana: The banana industry saw significant production in open fields, with 599.3 acres harvested and a yield of 16.1 units per acre.

Pineapple: Pineapples were predominantly grown in open fields, with 315.7 acres harvested and a robust yield of 20.7 units per acre.

Trends and Insights:

The use of protective cover, such as greenhouses, led to substantially higher yields for certain crops like tomatoes, where the hybrid variety in protected environments produced nearly 11 times more per acre compared to open fields.

Traditional crops like cabbage and onion continued to thrive in open fields, showcasing the resilience of these staple foods. – Exotic crops like bittergourd and eddoes also found their place in open fields, demonstrating the diversification of agricultural practices.

The 2021 crop production data reflects the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of agriculture. It’s clear that farmers are experimenting with a wide range of crops and farming methods to meet the demands of a growing population. As we move forward, it will be essential to continue exploring innovative farming techniques and sustainable practices to ensure a consistent and diverse food supply for the future.

Stay tuned for more updates on the fascinating world of agriculture and crop production trends.

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