Cooking tomato variety TH N 988 suitable for cultivation in Hydroponic System

Tomato variety TH N 988 is a semi-determinate variety with exceptional attributes and adaptability in a hydroponic growing method. Tomatoes (salad and cherry), sweet pepper, and English cucumber are the most frequent crops grown in hydroponics systems by most farmers.

Border closures during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic had a significant influence on the tourism industry. And this resulted in a drop in demand for tomatoes and sweet peppers. Motivated hydroponics producers moved their production to cooking tomato, which is widely grown in open fields, in response to a decline in demand.

Since 2019, the FAREI has directed its research programs on the evaluation of cooking tomato varieties under the hydroponic system of production. So that to assist the hydroponic sector and lessen producers’ reliance on the hospitality market.

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Access Date: May 2022

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