Consumption of rare vegetables

Sweta Bhujun, a planter, states that beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, “chouchou” and coriander are becoming rare.
This is due to the famine in some part of the country. For the last months in many places where these vegtables are grown, there has been no rainfall. Most of these vegtables have generated less income as there was a shortage of fertilizer when the crops specifically needed it.

She also stated that most cultivators have neglected their fields due to a huge expansion in production costs. this is another factor that influences the pricing of different crops in Mauritius 


Kreepalloo Sunghoon secretary of the Small Planters Association states that there is no excess of vegetables on the market, as well some producers do not sow seeds for fresh crops. According to the interviewees, irrigation is more difficult during the dry season. This might have a negative impact on seed production and vegetable production.

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