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Challenges Facing the Tea Sector in Mauritius

Challenges facing in the tea production in Mauritius’ tea industry with rising consumption and falling production. Factors like climate change, labor shortages, and field abandonment weaken the once flourishing industry.

Challenges Faced by La Chartreuse

Challenges facing in the tea production by the company, requiring sustainable production methods and increased investment. Manual weeding and training for chemical-free practices are areas of regular investment.


Disparity Between Tea Production and Consumption

Annual tea production in Mauritius is about 1,100 tonnes, while consumption reaches 1,800 tonnes, highlighting a sector crisis. Enterprises and government initiatives aim to revitalize the industry.

Struggles of Private Producers and Government Initiatives

Private producers strive to sustain the industry with innovative techniques and seeking new export markets. Despite efforts, concerns about the industry’s future persist due to a combination of unfavorable factors.

Efforts to Revive the Declining Sector

To keep the declining sector alive, La Chartreuse intensifies its efforts. The company identifies climate change, labor shortages, and aging of farmers as factors dragging down the industry.

La Chartreuse's Efforts and Market Dominance

La Chartreuse aims to meet growing market demand for new types of tea and expand its product range. Currently dominating the Mauritian market, the company also seeks to increase its presence in international markets.

Measures to Address the Sector's Fragility

Nitish Ramsahye suggests granting more land to planters, mechanization, creating climate-resistant plants, and promoting organic fertilizers. He emphasizes the importance of technology for the company’s development and competitiveness.


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