Challenges faced by the vegetable industry

Challenges faced by the vegetable industry in mauritius

The vegetable industry in Mauritius is facing many challenges. There may be a rise in the production of vegetables. However,  the prices are yet to be decided. Many planters stopped their farming activities as a result of rising prices. According to Kreepallo Sunghoon, the prices doubled compared to Covid-19 time.

Another factor that affect the prices of vegetables is because of the sales at the auction. The auction sale has a negative effect on growers and consumers. Moreover, there seems to be a high difference between the price of vegetables that we purchase at an auction and the price of vegetables at the market.  The difference in the price is another factor to the challenges faced by the vegetable industry in Mauritius.  


challenges face by the vegetable industry

Kreepallo Sunghoon, the secretary of the Small Planters Farmers Association of Mauritius, suggests establishing a National Wholesale Market. This would provide stability and reassurance to both growers and consumers. In addition, this will help to prevent price fluctuations and ensuring reasonable prices for both planters and consumers. 


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