Budget Highlight 2024-2025 for Agro-Industry

Crop Sector

The government has introduced several measures to invigorate the crop sector and empower small planters. These initiatives aim to enhance local production, improve infrastructure, and support sustainable farming practices.

1. Sheltered Farms and Fertilizer Subsidies: Small planters can benefit from a grant covering 50% of the cost (up to MUR 500,000) for constructing sheltered farms. Additionally, a 50% subsidy is available for fertilizer purchases.

Budget Highlight 2024-2025 for Agro-Industry
Crop Sector

2. Seed Subsidies: A substantial 75% subsidy is provided for seeds of essential crops such as potatoes, onions, carrots, beans, garlic, and tomatoes to encourage crop diversity.

3. Equipment Grants: Small planters receive a grant of MUR 250,000 for equipment procurement, while cooperatives can access MUR 300,000 to acquire machinery.

4. Container Farming Facilities: The Innovative Farming Container Model (IFCM) offers a grant of MUR 1 million and concessional leasing facilities to planters adopting fully equipped container farming.

5. Infrastructure Upgrades: MUR 10 million is allocated for improving track roads, drains, and sheltered farms at the Britannia Organic Zone.

6. Cold Storage Facility: A significant MUR 50 million investment will establish a cold storage facility at the National Wholesale Market, extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.

7. Tea Growers’ Benefits: Tea growers with at least one arpent of land now enjoy duty-free privileges when purchasing double cabs. Additionally, their winter allowance has increased by 80%.

Adverse Weather Support

The government maintains cash compensation for crop cycles to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions. MUR 6,000 per arpent is provided annually for the first cycle and MUR 3,000 per arpent for the second cycle.

Cane Industry

1. Cane Replantation Scheme: The grant for renewing sugar cane plantations increases from MUR 50,000 to MUR 60,000 per arpent, encouraging the restoration of abandoned cane lands.

2. Cane Revolving Fund: The DBM’s Cane Revolving Fund Scheme continues for another year, supporting sustainable cane production.

3. Green Certification Subsidy: The 50% subsidy on green certification of sugar production remains in place.

4. Support for Sugar Producers: For planters producing up to 60 tons of sugar:

    • Premium payments to the Sugar Insurance Fund Board continue.
    • They provided a 50% subsidy for fertilizer purchases.
    • Financial assistance of MUR 150,000 supports drip irrigation system purchases.
    • CESS for crop 2024 is waived.

The Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Act Amendment

They will amend the Mauritius Agricultural Marketing Act to allow wholesale of imported products in the National Wholesale Market, subject to approval by the Agricultural Marketing Board. This step aims to enhance market efficiency and availability of diverse produce.

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