Sugar Production Forecast and Comparison

Sugar Production Forecast and Comparison
Sugar Cane

Sugar Production Forecast

The Chamber of Agriculture estimates a 250,000-tonne sugar production in 2024. This forecast relies on a cane yield of 2.5 million tonnes. A 10% average extraction rate is anticipated. The Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee provided this initial estimate. Their meeting this week set the production tone. The Chamber leads the committee’s efforts. They analyze various agricultural data points. Their goal is to predict sugar yields accurately. These estimates guide the industry’s planning. They also inform stakeholders about expected outputs.

Comparison with Previous Year

In 2023, the cane harvest reached 2.45 million tonnes. It led to a sugar production of 238,854 tonnes. The extraction rate averaged at 9.74%. These figures form the basis for this year’s expectations. The industry seeks to improve upon these numbers. Last year’s performance sets a benchmark. It challenges producers to enhance efficiency. Greater yields are always the objective. The comparison highlights growth potential.

Climatic Impact on Sucrose Accumulation

Winter weather will critically impact sucrose content and extraction rates. The Chamber’s June 14 press release indicates this dependency. Current conditions suggest a production close to 250,000 tonnes in 2024. Sucrose accumulation is crucial for sugar production success. Climatic conditions are under constant observation. Weather patterns dictate sucrose levels in cane. This affects the sweetness and quality of the sugar produced. Farmers and producers adapt to these climatic factors.

Sugar Campaign Schedule

The sugar campaign begins on June 24 at the Altéo factory in Union Flacq. Terra will start operations in the north on July 8. Omnicane in the south will commence on July 9. The campaign aims to wrap up by mid-December. These dates are pivotal for the industry’s annual cycle. They mark the rhythm of production activities. Factories prepare extensively for these start dates. Harvesting and processing must align perfectly.

Committee Composition

The Crop Estimate Coordinating Committee comprises diverse industry players. It includes members from the Mauritius Cane Industry Authority and research bodies. Sugar establishments and insurance boards also participate actively. Contributions come from the Mauritius Sugar Syndicate and Statistics Mauritius as well. Finally, the Ministry of Agro-industry’s involvement is crucial.

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