Belle Mare Planters in Mauritius: Saving Water Efforts

Saving waters Efforts

agriculture transformation

In celebration of World Water Day 2023, we share the story of the initiative undertaken by the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Mauritius to transform Belle Mare into a Climate-Smart Agriculture village. The goal is to improve climate resilience, ensure food security, and uplift local farmers out of poverty and focus on saving water efforts.

farming challenges

Belle Mare in Mauritius has about 500 small-scale farmers growing onions, eggplants, peas, and chilies on sandy regosol soil known for low water retention and poor fertility. Cultivating crops here requires irrigation and synthetic NPK fertilizers, resulting in high production costs and environmental issues.

irrigation solutions

EU-funded Faculty of Agriculture’s new gravity-fed drip irrigation system, replacing overhead sprinklers. Individual water tanks for agronomists placed 1 meter high. Eliminates pumps, reduces wastage, prevents damage, erosion, and optimally distributes water to plant roots.

benefits of the new system

The new system has resulted in a significant reduction in water usage for irrigation, lower electricity costs, protection of seedlings, prevention of soil erosion, and reduced contamination of agrochemicals in the surrounding ecosystem. Furthermore, the water stored in the tanks is available during times of water scarcity.

positive impact on farmers

Professor Facknath said farmers in the region show a positive example by utilizing free water tanks and gravity-fed drip irrigation.


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