The Ministry of Blue Economy will give financial assistance to breeders of Aquaculture.

The Gopaul family started their integrated aquaculture project at Arsenal in 2018. In order to make a positive contribution to the circular economy. 3 years later this initiative is bearing its fruit. The Gopaul has 1,500 fruit trees and 5 ponds with 5,000 red berries. The Minister of Blue Economy, Marine Resources, and Fisheries paid a visit and supported this project.

What is integrated aquaculture?

Integrated aquaculture is linking two or more farming activities.  It is the linkages between agro-livestock activities and fish culture.

This fish farming takes place in a controlled environment. Usually in man-made tanks or other enclosures such as freshwater ponds or even the ocean. The most common types of farmed fish are catfish, tilapia, salmon, carp, cod, and trout.

Amazing Benefits of Aquaculture

Studies proved that it has brought an immensely positive impact on the global food production industry.

  1.   Rich source of micronutrients and animal protein -Fish fulfills the day today’s necessity of animal protein to more than 1 billion people worldwide with poor resources. Micronutrients, found in fishes, are also important for the proper cognitive and physical development of children. Thus, it helps in the overall development of people worldwide.
  2. A Nurturer of biodiversity and ecosystem

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