Anticipating the Sugar Cane Harvest in Medine for 2023-2024

Medine has announced the commencement of the 2023-2024 sugar cane harvest, scheduled to begin on Monday, July 3 and extend until early December. The focus is on improved productivity, targeting a yield of 75 tonnes per hectare with an estimated extraction rate of 11%. This is anticipated to result in a harvest of approximately 225,000 tonnes of cane, translating to 24,750 tonnes of sugar.

Despite the impact of climate change on cane growth, the 2023-2024 harvest is expected to yield 24,750 tonnes of sugar, comparable to the previous harvest. Most farmers experienced a delay of 3 to 4 weeks compared to the usual rainfall cycles and temperatures, leading to disruptions in agricultural activities. To mark the beginning of the cutting season, a traditional intercultural ceremony was recently organized at Medine Agriculture. In preparation for the upcoming harvest, an awareness meeting was conducted in conjunction with the police force and firefighters.


In order to ensure sustainable production, Medine has implemented a progressive replanting strategy. By replanting 300 hectares annually, the group aims to maintain a stable harvest of around 230,000 tonnes per year. Additionally, to enhance field performance, Medine has acquired two new modern harvesters that are more efficient and productive. This proactive approach underscores Medine’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the Mauritian sugar industry.

“We acknowledge the challenges posed by climate change, but remain steadfast in our commitment to sustaining our production in the years ahead. Our strategy of gradual replanting and investment in new technologies bolsters our ability to overcome challenges and ensure long-term sustainable production.” – Mr. Patrick Lagesse, Managing Director of Medine Agriculture.

Sugar cane production plays a significant role in Medine’s value creation strategy. As a leader in the Mauritian sugar industry with over 110 years of history and expertise in sugar cane cultivation, Medine has been at the forefront of agricultural innovation. It was the first sugar group to invest in the modernization of harvesting methods in the fields.

In 2023, the group is investing over Rs 100 million in new technologies and smart agriculture to optimize its products and processes, emphasizing innovation and sustainability. One of the flagship initiatives is the use of drones to target the application of herbicides, minimizing the use of pesticides and optimizing resources such as water. This groundbreaking technology enables data-driven decisions, optimizes yields, and ensures long-term profitability and sustainability.

The Agriculture division of the Medine Group encompasses several sectors of activity, ranging from cane production to the cultivation of plants, fruits, and vegetables.


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