Actions Taken to Address Supply Shortages


Mahen Seeruttun, the Minister of Agro-industry and Food Security, proactively implemented measures to address supply shortages and secure the availability of basic products such as apples of soil, onions, cabbage, carrots, and coconuts. He emphasizes the importance of resolving supply shortages, monitoring the evolving situation, and ensuring that consumers can access sufficient products at established prices. Additionally, efforts are underway to eliminate conditions attached to the sale of certain products, such as requiring the purchase of one product to benefit from another.

To address the shortage of specific products, Mahen Seeruttun engages directly with supermarket managers to ensure they apply fixed prices and negotiates the transfer of surplus products from Rodrigues to Mauritius.

This includes promptly transporting vegetables like giraumon, lalo, and silt for sale. Furthermore, they have made arrangements to prevent coconuts from going out of stock for the upcoming Maha Shivratri festival.

To guarantee adequate supply, the minister requests a daily report and expresses support for planters to resume production, offering various measures including financial support. Despite facing challenges due to increased prices resulting from product shortages, Mahen Seeruttun is committed to swiftly restoring normalcy and calls for solidarity during this period.

These actions demonstrate the Ministry’s dedication to ensuring the availability of essential products and maintaining market stability, aligning with the government’s efforts to promote bio-farming and reduce reliance on agro-chemicals for quality and safe food production.


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