A Closer Look at the Disposal of 225.7 Kilos of Food Crops Every Minute

Every year, millions of individuals, including women, children, and men, suffer from hunger worldwide, while paradoxically, over a billion tonnes of food end up being discarded. In Mauritius, the alarming rate of food wastage amounts to 225.7 kilos every minute.

The examination of this critical issue was initiated at the suggestion of the Attorney General, leading to the formulation of a preliminary bill.

Despite the continuous rise in food prices, exacerbating food insecurity, waste remains prevalent, even in Mauritius. The country discards an estimated 118,632 tonnes of food annually, a substantial amount considering the country’s size and population. This equates to a staggering 225.7 kilos of wasted food every minute in Mauritius.

Food in dumpster

The examination of this issue was prompted by the Attorney General’s recommendation, resulting in the drafting of a bill aimed at mitigating the detrimental economic, social, and environmental impacts of food waste.

Over the past four fiscal years, the government has incurred an average annual cost of Rs 738.3 million to address waste management, with expenditures ranging between Rs 683 million and Rs 797 million. Additionally, the percentage of the Mauritian population experiencing food insecurity rose from 6.8% in 2018 to 8.3% in 2019.

Furthermore, food waste significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, with the waste sector in Mauritius being the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases at 10.9%. However, it is estimated that by implementing appropriate measures to reduce food waste, the government could make substantial strides towards achieving its 40% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target.

It is evident that the issue of food waste has far-reaching implications, affecting not only the economy and the environment but also the well-being of millions of individuals. Addressing this challenge through comprehensive measures is crucial to combatting hunger, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Source: https://defimedia.info/projet-de-loi-sur-le-gaspillage-alimentaire-2257-kilos-de-nourriture-jetes-chaque-minute-maurice

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