Sustainable Agriculture and Origin’Est

Alteo introduces Origin’Est, a local brand that showcases the East region’s local products. The brand offers a variety of food items, including deer meat, tomatoes, and lettuce, all grown using sustainable farming practices. Alteo uses innovative production techniques and environmentally friendly farming practices to ensure the products are natural and healthy.

The Birth of Origin’Est

The Agro-business management team conceived this project in 2021. The aim was to enhance the group’s farming practices to be more environmentally friendly, animal-friendly, and consumer health-conscious. Arnaud Marrier d’Unienville, CEO of Alteo Agri Ltd, emphasizes that consumers are increasingly concerned about their food’s content and the environmental aspects of agricultural production. The goal is to contribute to the country’s food self-sufficiency by offering fresh, high-quality products. 

Sustainable Agriculture and Origin’Est
Sustainable Agriculture and Origin’Est

Origin’Est’s Product Range

Origin’Est offers two types of products: deer meat and greenhouse-grown vegetables. They distributed these products for over a year through various channels, and the feedback was positive. They will now market the products under a single brand, Origin’Est. This name highlights the products’ origin, the East, a region known for its traditional and modern agricultural know-how.

Deep River Valley Deer

The farm, located near the village of Deep River, was established in November 2020 with 250 deer on former sugarcane farmland. Today, the farm is home to about 1,700 deer and thirty cattle, living semi-freely on 250 hectares of land.

Greenhouse-Grown Tomatoes and Lettuce

Alteo operates three greenhouses in Union Flacq, where a variety of tomatoes, including cherry, juicy large, and pineapple, as well as several types of lettuce are grown. The greenhouses cover a total area of 7,000 square meters, and tomatoes are harvested twice a week. They use only natural products and processes to protect the plants from fungal diseases and pests.

Advanced Irrigation System

An advanced technological system manages irrigation, allowing precise watering to minimize waste. Currently, production is 200 tons per year. The group’s goal for the coming years is to triple its tomato production while increasing lettuce production. Alteo is also considering the possibility of growing other plants in greenhouses, using the same farming methods for healthy products.

Distribution of Origin’Est Products

Most Origin’Est products will initially target a B2B clientele, including cafes, hotels, and restaurants. Some products will also be available at Alteo’s Meat Shop in Union Flacq, which also offers a range of derivative products such as sausages, burgers, and various butcher cuts like filet mignon, rib racks, as well as in some grocery stores.

Future Plans

In a few months, They will offer Origin’Est products in supermarkets to make them more accessible to the general public.

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