Sugarcane Harvest 2023-2024

At Medine, the sugarcane harvest for 2023–2024 began on Monday, July 3. The association predicts a cane harvest of about 225 000 tonnes, or the equivalent of 24 750 tonnes of sugar, similar to the previous year’s harvest.  In an interview, Patrick Lagesse (Managing Director of Medine Agriculture) claimed “We are aware of the challenges caused by climate change but we are determined to continue our production in the years to come. Our ability to overcome obstacles and ensure long-term sustainable production is strengthened by our strategy of progressive replanting and investment in new technologies”.

The group aims to maintain a constant annual harvest of about 230 000 tonnes by replanting 300 hectares each year. Medine also completed the purchase of two new, more productive and efficient harvesters to enhance performance on the fields. They anticipate that harvesting at Medine will continue until the first few days of December. Drones are used to reduce the amount of pesticides used in fields. For the purpose of streamlining its processes and optimizing its products in 2023, the Medine Group invested more than Rs 100 million in new technologies and smart agriculture, placing a greater emphasis on innovation and sustainability. One of the key objectives is the use of drones to target the spraying of herbicides, reducing the need for pesticides and maximizing the use of resources like water. This technology enables data-driven decision making, earnings optimization, and long-term rentability and sustainability assurance, according to Medine.



Date: 4th July 2023


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