Rising Demand for Bio Crops Despite High Prices

Bio crops : Increasing Demand in Spite of High Price

Bio Farming Promotion

The Government is promoting bio husbandry, aiming for 50% of food to be bio by 2020. Many agronomists have shifted to bio farming, but demand for bio crops despite high prices keeps on increasing.

Bio Food Prices

Consumers are increasingly worried about the health impacts of agro-chemicals and are seeking sustainably produced fruits and vegetables. The Government is investing in bio crop production and recently passed the Use of Pesticide Act to further support the industry.

Bio Farming Targets and Consumer Challenges

Currently, bio farming utilizes 39.3% of State Land, with a target of 60% by 2018/2019 and 120% by 2020/2021. Though consumers are interested in organic products, high prices deter them. Experts question the high cost of bio products and the readiness of communities to embrace bio farming practices. Research is ongoing to provide more insights into the future of bio husbandry.

Source: https://defimedia.info/bio-crops-increasing-demand-spite-high-price

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