Quick Steps to Grow CHILIES

Grow Chilies
Grow Chilies

Places to grow chilies

Growing chillies at home is simple with a variety of types to choose from. One can cultivate them on bright windowsills, inside a greenhouse, or straight in the soil.

Grow chili plant from seed

To grow chilies from seed, start indoors as they need warmth to germinate. Fill a seed tray with moist seed compost, sow a few seeds on top, and cover with vermiculite or compost. Place in a propagator at 18-25C (64-77F). Germination takes 7-10 days, then move seedlings to a warm, sunny windowsill.

Transplanting the chili plant

Once the seedlings have grown sufficiently, move them from the seed trays to individual compost-filled pots and continue to cultivate them until there’s no longer a threat of frost.

Type of pot to grow chilies

Chilies can be cultivated separately in 2 litre pots, or you can plant them in grow bags, with a limit of three plants per bag. Place the pots or grow bags undercover in a warm greenhouse, conservatory, or polytunnel.

Where the place the plants

Alternatively, plant your chilies outside in a sunny, sheltered spot. Gradually acclimatize your plants to outdoor conditions throughout 7 to 10 days before transplanting them into well-prepared beds of fertile, moist, well-drained soil.

Watering and Fertilisers

Throughout the growing season, it’s crucial to water your chili plants regularly. This ensures they receive the hydration they need to thrive. Once the first fruits have appeared, it’s time to start feeding them weekly with a high potash tomato fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is rich in potassium, which is essential for fruit development. By following this routine, you’ll provide your chili plants with the optimal conditions to produce a bountiful harvest. Remember, consistent care is the key to successful chili cultivation.

When to harvest

The more you pick, the more chilies your plant will grow. Should the temperature drop before your crop matures, relocate your plants indoors to ripen on a sunlit windowsill. Harvest chilies individually, using secateurs to cut them from the plant. It’s crucial to gather outdoor-grown chili peppers prior to the onset of the first frost.

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