Planting in plastic bottles

Planting in plastic bottles is a creative yet sustainable way of growing plants. We all know that plastic bottle waste has a negative impact on our environment. Instead of throwing your plastic bottles why not start using them to plant your plants or use them in your garden? Planting in plastic bottles will help to reduce plastic waste by reusing the plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. Planting in plastic bottles is also useful for people who do not have much space to grow their plants. You can follow these steps to plant in plastic bottles :

planting in plastic bottle


1. Cut the bottle : Remove the top of the bottle, so that you can use the bottom part to plant your plants. Make some holes in the bottle for proper drainage. 

2. Soil : Fill the bottom of the bottle with potting mix and compost. Compost will provide nutrients and promote growth of your plants. Leave a space at the top to add your plant or seed. 

3. Planting : Plant your plant or seed in the soil. Add more soil at the top if needed. If you are using the bottle for seedling, you will need to cover it with a thin layer of soil. 



4. Watering : Immediately after planting or seedling , water your soil. Avoid over watering as it can damage your plant.

5. Sunlight : Place your bottles in a place where they can get proper sunlight. 

6. Caring : Water your plants regularly and add fertilizers if needed. You might need to add more soil in the bottle or transplant the plant as they grow.


planting in plastic bottle

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