Planning Your Vegetable Garden: 5 Helpful Tips

Planning Your Vegetable Garden

Follow these guidelines for successful vegetable gardening:

Sun and Shade Considerations

Planning your vegetable garden requires observing sun patterns and planning for shade will ensure your crops receive adequate sunlight. All except the warmest places see nearly all veggies growing beautifully in full sun; save the sunniest spots for crops that thrive in heat, such tomatoes and peppers. Take some time to observe where the sun falls at different times of the day in your theater, and think about how this will vary over time. Rewind to a time when the shadows formed by summer’s vanishing trees won’t remain until they have shed their leaves. This is wonderful news for crops that require less light, such as Asian flora, kale, and spring cabbage.

Workspace Planning

Designating a workspace with a bench or cold frame for seedling care is essential for a productive garden.

Companion Planting Strategies

Companion planting with flowers like French marigolds and nasturtiums can help deter pests and increase crop health.

Arrange your water storage

Plan your watering carefully, as water is essential for your vegetable garden. Consider storing rainwater in water barrels to conserve mains water and provide a natural source for your plants. Ensure easy access to water with outdoor taps near your garden beds

Create Convenient Garden Pathways

Additionally, create pathways in your garden to easily tend to your crops without compacting the soil. Aim for paths at least 18 inches wide, but wider is better if possible. Paths can be paved, gravelled, or left as lawn that is regularly mowed. You can also use woodchip or biodegradable material for pathways that need to be replaced occasionally. Let us know about your innovative plans for this growing season, as we would love to hear about them.

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