Organic Production: Le Vélo Vert Plans to Open its Farm School to Professional Public

Organic Production: Le Vélo Vert

Establishing the Foundation

Several crucial elements are involved in meeting the requirements for organic farming. Farmers source large quantities of compost. They access untreated seeds and obtain expertise in organic agriculture. Additionally, they collaborate with competent suppliers well-versed in new farming practices. Le Vélo Vert plans to establish a farm school within this framework.

Established in 2012, Le Vélo Vert Farm actively promotes awareness and trains local farmers in agroecology and chemical-free farming techniques. It now aims to extend its offerings by opening its farm school to professionals. President Géraldine d’Unienville notes, “We believe that opening our fields and sharing our techniques will significantly benefit our team of agronomists.” She highlights the association’s success in boosting overall production across member farmers’ orchards and market gardens.

Le Vélo Vert Farm Harvesting Success Amid Challenges

Despite losing two fields due to lease non-renewal, Le Vélo Vert has secured new lands meeting its quality standards. These will soon be cultivated by new producers adhering to the association’s charter, adding nearly 150 additional baskets by March 2019.

“Our recent collaboration with Saint-Félix Sugar Estate has yielded the first harvest from its converted sugar cane fields,” says our spokesperson. “We’ve begun cultivating zucchini, radishes, and arugula on 0.6 arpents since June, with plans for six more arpents.”

Furthermore, Le Vélo Vert’s agronomy team is committed to continuing vegetable cultivation at Joie de Vivre primary school and expanding its social engagement efforts. “Working alongside other environmental and social actors, Le Vélo Vert aims to exemplify social, food, creative, profitable, and resilient practices,” the spokesperson adds. “Our diverse range of 200 fruits, herbs, and vegetables fills our baskets throughout the seasons, from citrus fruits to cucurbits and Solanaceae.”

Encouraging self-sufficiency, Le Vélo Vert urges families to plant trees bearing breadfruits, longans, beefsteak tomatoes, jackfruits, and coconuts. “A nation’s self-reliance begins at home,” concludes the spokesperson.


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