Minister Gobin inaugurates new filtration plant

The government is resolved to continue its efforts to relieve planters of multiple obstacles while also increasing food security in the country, said Mr Maneesh Gobin, Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security, on July 12th at Triolet. He was addressing during the inauguration of a new filtration plant and an Irrigation Authority sub-office. Mr. Soodesh Callichurn, Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, Employment, and Training; Mr. Sharvanand Ramkaun, Private Parliamentary Secretary (PPS); and Mr. Deenal Dhuny, Chairman of the Irrigation Authority Board, were also present. Minister Gobin added that the new filtration plant, which will cost Rs 25 million, will assure a consistent supply of high-quality water and alleviate planters of irrigation concerns. He added that the plant has a current technology filtration system with automatic backwashing and a remote-control device for operating the head works.

In terms of the suboffice, he stated that it will be in charge of injecting chlorine into the water and assisting planters with irrigation chores. He remarked that the technique will benefit approximately 450 planters in the region across 380 acres of sugarcane and vegetable cultivation. He emphasised that the government is attentive to the plight and challenges of planters and is offering many incentives to encourage planters to continue investing in sugar cane growing.




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