Methods of Recycling in Gardening

recycling in gardening
1. Pallet Compost Bin

Making your own compost is a great way to make your garden more eco-friendly and sustainable through recycling in gardening. To get started, all you’ll need is a compost bin. You can easily build one yourself from old pallets! Simply use four pallets tipped up on their sides. Secure them in place with some strong garden wire. The gaps in the pallets will allow the compost to breathe, whilst the slats will stop it all from blowing about and ending up all over the garden. If you have raised beds, consider trying to build a pallet compost bin in one corner so that you can remove the pallets in spring and spread the compost over the bed. As an added benefit, this method enables your plants to utilize any nutrients that the rain washes into the soil.

2. Plastic Bottle Cloche

Plastic bottles have many uses in recycling in gardening. One of the most effective uses is definitely making them into mini-cloches. Simply cut the bottom off and place them over your seedlings to protect them from harsh weather, slugs, and snails. Once your seedlings grow large enough to touch the sides of the cloche, you should remove it. Leave the top of the bottle off so your plants can breathe, or you may end up with a terrible case of mold.

recycling in gardening
recycling in gardening
3. Water Bottle Watering Can

If you have a small greenhouse, you might find that trying to water your plants with a massive watering can is a bit of a difficult task. To solve this problem and engage in recycling in gardening, simply pierce some holes in the lid of an empty plastic bottle and use it to sprinkle your plants. You can easily place it on the side in your greenhouse, making the task of watering your tomatoes a bit easier.

4. Scaffolding Plank Raised Beds

Bits of wood, especially reasonably sized ones, are pretty useful in the garden and a great source of this is discarded scaffolding planks. Replacing them regularly ensures their ready availability, and their hardy nature makes them ideal for constructing items like raised beds. Simply create large squares or rectangles using the planks to build the sides and fill them with good quality compost. Raised beds are ideal for growing edibles for the whole family to enjoy, boosting your sustainable credentials in the process.

recycling in gardening

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