How to Use Vermicompost: Enhancing Soil Health

Did you know that plants needed a lot of nutrients before they could serve as our primary source of nutrition? Indeed. Plants need the right amount of nutrients and minerals to develop, much like human beings do.

The soil below contains billions of bacteria and micronutrients that support the thriving plant life above ground, not the labors of the gardener. The base of a plant needs to be strengthened before it can produce healthy plants, which requires healthy soil.

A small amount of vermicompost applied to the base of drooping plants and creepers can significantly boost their vigor. Additionally, when utilized for transplants, they have a considerably higher survival rate and are less likely to suffer from shock than recipients with no “fertilizer” therapy.

1.Top Dressing:

  • Direct application of worm compost on soil.
  • Light sprinkling over root mass.
  •  No measuring or mixing required.
  •  Also known as side dressing.
  •  Recommended for active growing plants.
  • Benefits vegetable and ornamental plants during spring, summer, and fall.

2.Soil Amendment:

  • Soil is amended with vermicompost before planting.
  • Worm manure is used to ensure even distribution and root surround.
  • Vermicompost is nutrient-rich and promotes young plant growth.
  • Requires more compost initially, but improves soil structure and provides nutrition.
  •  Preferable method for young plants to establish well and overcome environmental stress.
Enhancing Soil Health

3.Seed Starting:

  • Vermicompost serves as a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer ideal for seed starting mixes.
  • It enhances plant growth through gentle nurturing, ensuring adequate sunlight, water, and nutrients.
  •  Studies demonstrate that worm castings can enhance both germination and the growth of seedlings.
  • Research from Cornell University suggests that beneficial microbes present in vermicompost can colonize the surface of seeds, providing protection against infections.
  •  Worm compost is a living organism that decomposes organic materials and releases beneficial by products.
  • The natural nutrient balance in vermicompost creates a safe product that supports plant health without the risks associated with commercial fertilizers.

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