How to use a hedge trimmer

Hedge shear / Hedge Trimmer (Cisaille) is a gardening tool used for trimming and shaping hedges. It consists of two sharp blades with long handles attached to it. Hedge shears help you to maintain the size and shape of your hedges by allowing you to make clean, accurate cuts. Trimming encourages healthy plant development. In addition, it enriches the overall landscape design and makes your garden look beautiful. 

Hedge shear / trimmer / Cisaille

1. Choose a set of shears that are appropriate for the size and type of the hedges you plan to trim. Take into account the length of the handles, blades, weight as well as the comfort of the shears. 

2. Before each use , clean and sharpen the hedge shear. You can sharpen it with a specialized blade sharpener.

3. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your hedge shears working at their best. After each use, clean the blades to get rid of  dirt, and frequently sharpen them to keep the cutting edges sharp.

4. Wear gloves to protect your hands while working with hedge trimmers. Moreover, not only prevents cuts but also provides a better grip on the handles. Additionally, to protect your eyes from dirt, consider wearing safety glasses.

5. Hedge shears are ideal for trimming and shaping hedges however they might not be appropriate for thick branches. For bigger branches you will need to use other gardening tools.

6. If you have been working with disease plants, it is important to disinfect your hedge shears. Wipe the blades with household disinfectant. This helps to kill bacteria that might be present. 

How to use hedge shear / trimmer (Cisaille)
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